‘Two and a Half Men’ has 50/50 Chance of Returning Says CBS - Decision Soon.

CBS Network brass is still contemplating what to do with “Two and a Half Men”.

With television sweeps starting next month (May), and up-fronts looming, CBS has to make a decision on what to do with season 9 of the once golden sitcom – and fast.

Ever since Charlie Sheen was fired from the show there has been speculation it might return for another season – with or without Uncle Charlie Harper.

Since his firing, Sheen has been on the road with his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour and has been telling his audiences that he desperately wants back on the show.

Not so fast says the show’s production staff.

One insider says that there is a 50/50 chance the show will return for another season. And if it does return – there will be changes.

Here is what we know for sure:

- Charlie Sheen is not welcome back on the show.
- Executive producer Chuck Lorre has a plot workaround to either replace Sheen or write him out of the series.
- No official offers have been made to any new actors.
- A decision has to be made before May 18, 2011.
- CBS really does want to try and salvage the show

Chuck Lorre has been telling the media that he has several ideas on how to continue the show – one that increases Jon Cryer’s role, and another puts Ryan Stile’s “Herb Melnick” character in a lead role.

We have also heard a couple unofficial “plot” ideas, sans Charlie Sheen, that all include using the existing actors, sets, writers, and facilities. Seems like a smart idea to us.

Our favorite has Rose downsizing and buying Charlie’s house after he gets thrown in jail in Bangkok. She then allows recently thrown to the curb Herb Melnick to move in with her, Allen, and Jake. Even Berta likes the idea and agrees to stay on.

One insider told reporters,

“The idea would be Rose buys the house and lets Alan, Herb, and Jake live there. We call it ‘Two and a Half Men – and Rose’. There have been lots of variations but it always comes back to the same fundamental movement of actors and their roles. It would be easy – and funny.”

It does sound like a nice clean, and believable, transition that could actually propel the sitcom into a whole new direction – both retaining the old fans and creating new ones.

We say bring us “Two and a Half Men & Rose”