Updated Foundation Routine (BeautyBlender)

So during my last skincare haul video, I mentioned the BeautyBlender sponge makeup applicator at some length. I had gone to the store looking for a generic makeup-removing facial cleanser to clean it with which then inspired the whole change in my skincare routine.

Which then inspired a long ramble in that video about my love for the BeautyBlender...

So as promised in that video, here is my updated foundation routine using this product.

Here are some BeautyBlender basics to remember:
-Always use the sponge damp. It expands to almost twice it's size and makes it much softer and springy..er. :) Dampening it really is what makes the product worthwhile and keeps it from soaking up (and wasting) most of your foundation like most other sponges.
-Apply your foundation using bouncy motions. (I demo this in the video)
-Clean it every 3 or 4 times using a gentle cleanser.

BeautyBlenders are available at sephora.com.