Video - Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ and Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ Comparison – Plagiarism?

Lady Gaga is once again coming under pressure for copying Madonna.

This time the criticism comes in the form of a visual mashup between Gaga’s “Born this way” and Madonna’s “Express Yourself” music videos.

I have to say, the first time I heard “Born this way” it made me think of “Express Yourself” so I was not surprised to hear all the news and speculation of theft and plagiarism.

But it wasn’t until we saw this YouTube video putting the two songs side by side that it really started to sink in.

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I would like to believe Gaga when she says this is all just a big coincidence, but the two songs are almost identical – even down to the dance moves, costumes and body language.

I can’t believe that someone in the Gaga camp did not pull her aside and say, “Look – it’s a little too close for comfort.”

The criticism has moved Gaga to tears and she denies she tried to copy Madonna – but the video tells a different story.

But all is fair in love and music I guess, because as Gaga was taking heat for copying Madonna, Weird Al Yankovic was taking money for copying Lady Gaga in his latest parody.

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Regardless of who is right and who is the hypocrite, we suspect that once this video starts making the rounds the outcry will only grow louder.

And what do you do to top a dress made out of meat and arriving at a red carpet in an egg? How far can she go before her fans find her too eccentric?

You be the judge.

Watch Lady Gaga vs. Madonna Video Mashup

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