Will Ferrell and Conan O’Brien Ratchet Up Beard Feud Before May 2 Show – Video

A feud has erupted in Hollywood.

A feud between two of the world’s greatest comedians that is sure to end in tragic embarrassment for the looser.

Will Ferrell has made it very clear that he does not like Conan’s facial hair.

And Ferrell is taking steps to make sure that those “Rusty Pubes” are gone by the time he appears on the show May 2nd.

Ferrell hates Obrien’s beard so much that he has started stalking Obrien to let him know that time is running out.

Ferrell has already submitted the following fan correction challenge video:

If that wasn’t enough to “scare the hair” off O’Brien, Tina Fey helped make matters worse when she appeared to talk about her new book “Bossy Pants”.

Ferrell hijacked the airwaves once again with the following threatening video to Team Coco:

Conan – you should start the process of getting a restraining order as soon as possible. Your beard should be trembling with fear.

What part of “You will feel the sting of my blade that sleeps for no one” don’t you understand?

Your move Conan O’Brien.