Aligator Death Roll and a "Bye"!

There is going to be a "bye" today.  "Can she do that" you ask? Yes.  I can.  Cause I'm Abby.  And I do whatever I want around here. Ahahaha!!  Just teasin.  Seriously though, I am so swamped! PLUS my mom left on vacation and I have no one to take pictures! Don't worry, I'll make a neighbor or my cute little husband help me. But tomorrow- SO BUSY! I love you guys and will be back Friday. And Saturday! AND THEN EVERY DAY AFTER THAT!!

K love you, buh bye!

Don't think I'd let you get away without a video though!

Poor little Bosty, so upset with the rain.  He did this ALL day today.  I would pick him up and then he'd just point at the window and grunt a little bit.  I'd tell him no, it's too cold, and he'd freak out.  So I'd put him on the floor and he'd start death rolling like a little alligator.  It was cute at first.  Then it got really old.  I still love him though!