Frank Sorrentino Talks about His Videos Bashing His Son Mike “The Situation” – Won’t Apologize - Audio

Okay, now I get it.

Frank “The Scum Bag” Sorrentino is just as big of a Guido douchebag as his son Mike “The Situation”.

It just took me a couple of days to put it all together.

Yesterday Frank called into a Kiss 92.5 radio show to talk about his videos, and when given a chance to apologize – well, he didn’t.

InfoStar told you yesterday about our big fat Guido rat theory, and guess what? Last night Frank “The Scumbag” Sorrentino announced he was looking for a reality show.

Did we call it?

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On top of trying to get a six figure book deal, Frank is now shopping around ideas for a television show.

This whole Sorrentino family is rotten to the core. I suspect we just forget about them all and move on with our lives.

But these videos are just so damn funny to watch!

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