Justin Bieber's Never Say Never Underwear Moments

Didn't see Justin Bieber's movie Never Say Never? Well don't worry i capped the best parts, that's right...the underwear scenes! Now i didn't actually watch the whole movie, i just skipped to the good parts, yes the underwear parts! Only two scenes actually showed him in  his boxer briefs (the cameras didn't give us a good/whole view), and the rest of them are of him sagging. The only underwear brands i recognize that he's wearing are Hanes and Under Armour.

Note: To the readers that don't like the Biebs and don't want to see him on CU, sorry but he is actually the most popular celeb on this blog, with the 3 of his post the most veiwed of all time (here's the proof)!

24 pictures inside of Justin showing off his undies!