CU News: Zac Efron Will Be Stripping Down in New Flick

Today we have BIG news for people who've been dying to see Zac Efron in his underwear! It has been confirmed that Zac will be stripping down to his boxer-briefs on his new film The Lucky One! Zac will not only show off his skivvies in the movie, his bare ass will make an appearance also.

Check out what some people wrote online who attended the movie screening inside! said:
Your questions:

is Zeus in the film as it annoyed me when they dropped Oscar in CSC! LOL and is it true you see Zac’s bum!!
Yes! Zeus is in the film, and so are several other dogs (very cute scenes with Logan and the dogs!). And yes, there’s a moment in one of the sex scenes where Zac is standing upright with only his boxer briefs on, but they’re pulled down halfway in the back, so you can see umm… well, you know ;) said: 
Plenty of ass through wet clothes shots (well maybe not enough for some people who are just waiting for his porn film). In the love scenes his ass makes a half-moon appearance (his underwear pulled down a bit) and it also appears in the montage that follows.

And on top of that, it really looks okay on film apparently. It does not come off as he hit the Twinkies too hard. It's all muscle. To quote, "His stomach is still flat as a board - that's obvious when he's shirtless/in boxer briefs and when he's lifting... He really got into amazing shape."
Note: Some scenes can be cut out before the official release of the movie, lets just hope none of those scenes get cut!