Fishtail 2 and some Fathers Day ideas!

Remember how Fathers day is Sunday?  WHAT THE CRAP!  Dude.  I am so far behind on everything!  I've been so busy with this ebook and my flower headbands I'm making for my etsy shop, oh yeah and my baby ha ha that I haven't even been posting!!  Shame Shame.  Luckily, the super cute and new blog  The Letter 4, made up of four adorable sisters has my back.  Look at these Fathers Day Printables?



Here are some more cute ones from AmandaParkerandFamily

And these coupons from Living Locurto are so cute!  They're not free, but check out the idea anyway.  See if they can't inspire you to make some of your own!

The coupons are:
One Free Bear Hug
One Free Lunch Date
One Free Chore Pass
One Day to Sleep Late
One Home Cooked Meal
and One Free Back Rub from Mommy

If Boston were just a bit older, I would so have him draw these.  Holy crap that'd be so cute huh!?  I'm all about coupons!!  Anyway, if I find anymore cute ideas by tomorrow, I'll let ya know!