Frank “The Confrontation” Sorrentino Hospitalized After Medicine Mix Up

We kind of thought the “Situations” dad Frank Sorrentino’s fifteen minutes of fame might be up already.

But “The Confrontation” was able to extend his time in the spotlight by a few minutes last week be being rushed to a Florida hospital.

Reports say that Frank had recently switched the medication he was on for his diabetes when he started having bad side effects like extremely high blood pressure and a rapid heartbeat.

He also said the reason he switched meds was that he could no longer afford the ones he was taking. Reports say Sorrentino was in and out of the hospital several times during the week while he recovered.

If you recall, it was an argument over money that started the whole father son meltdown last month.

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Since Frank’s initial attack on his son last month he has also targeted the entire cast from Jersey Shore, Mike’s lawyer, publicist, and friends.

Frank was scheduled to appear at Michael Lohan’s Celebrity Boxing Match this weekend but was fired at the last minute after attacking Lohan and his relationship with his daughter Lindsay.

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We were actually looking forward to seeing these two losers in the same boxing ring but our dreams have been dashed.

Karma is a bitch.

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