Frank “The Constipation” Sorrentino Dumped from Michael Lohan’s Celebrity Boxing Match – Video

I guess some dreams do fade away…

The thought of having both douche bag Frank “The Confrontation” Sorrentino and Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael in the same boxing ring was just too good to be true.

The “Situations” dad Frank was supposed to referee this weekend in the Michael Lohan Celebrity Boxing Match but has been dumped by organizer and promoter Damon Feldman.

Apparently Frank was fired from the event after posting the following video on YouTube dumping on Lohan.

Do Italians from New Jersey really say f**k like that all the time? I thought that was just in the movies.

Feldman says,

"I didn't feel comfortable having Frank come into the match. He's just way too much drama. I just don't like the guy and want nothing to do with him. Frank is out of his mind and is making enemies with the wrong people."

The drama…..

Later at a press conference for the boxing match the two actually came face to face and words were exchanged on camera for us all to enjoy.

These two have now officially become an embarrassment to our country.

I would like to personally apologize to Italy for shipping “The Situation”, Snooki, JWoww, and the rest of these idiots to your country to film season three of Jersey Shore.

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If you decide to keep them we would appreciate it. But if you decide to send them back to us we will understand.

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