Giveaway winner and this week on pinterest

We've got a winner folks!  Remember, it's a $30 gift certificate to the Charmingly Chic Boutique- which is AWESOME!


 And the winner is Natalie from No. 2 Creations!  Email me to claim your prize!  But remember, if you didn't win you can still use the coupon code "blogger" which gives you 15% off an entire order.  So go use it ladies!

And I'm stealing an idea from my lovely friend Whitney.  Once a week she posts her favorite things on Pinterest.  Which is AWESOME because there is so much AWESOMENESS on pinterest.  I've just recently become addicted so let me share with you a few things I've found and fallen in love with.  Also, if you want to follow my board you are more than welcome to!  I'm new to it so I don't have a whole lot up just yet!

Fabric Puzzle Block Tutorial

Can I get a baby blue one for Boston's room?!

And for a girl... really? SO cute!

 Now this is when being thrifty actually works!

Awe, the globes!

For the holidays, of course!

Is that not an awesome headboard?  SO CHEAP!

Necklace holder.  Awesome for those big bulky things that don't fit ANYWHERE!!!

Alright.  That was this week on pinterest.  Just wait for next.  It's going to be awesome, I can feel it!
Oh and for those who want to know, I linked the pictures up to their original owners if they had one.  A lot of them were just pinned pictures.