Grace Annie Fannie

Do you know what I love?  I love waking up in the morning to a happy baby.  Who adores you.  And I love it even more when Brian is home and we make waffles.  I also love checking my email and comments. What better way to start your morning?  You are all so nice to me!  This is why everyone should have a blog.  It's good for the soul!  Plus it gives Brian his much needed baseball time... and I tend to be a little clingy when I have nothing to do so it's perfect!

You should all know, I am slowly but surely working on the ebook! And when I can get my little model of a sister to come visit me, we'll be working on short hairstyles!  AND little girls hairstyles! I don't know why that wasn't on the poll- but I know you want them! Also, very soon I will be opening up an etsy site. Because I'm kind if crafty!  So be excited for that!!

Today I have one of my cute little nieces modeling her adorable hair.  I'm not the one who is amazing at hair my friends, it's my sister-in-law.  JaQuoy.  She is crazy talented and super creative!!

 Little Grace Annie Fannie!