I have an addiction

It's time for Brian and I to get new bedroom furniture.  

Don't think for a second we'll be able to afford any of these though!  In fact, no one should be able to afford these.  Ever.  Okay, if you were really rich and had all the clothes you wanted, and the house of your dreams and a few really perfect cars for your family... and your children's college funds were beefy enough... and you got to go on vacations with your family... yes.  Then even I might toy with the idea of buying a $2,000 bed.  But who ever has all those things?  I feel like there is always something better for me to spend my money on!  Ha ha, so what if I'm just trying to make myself feel better!!  

While I might not be buying a Pottery Barn bedroom set anytime in the near future.  I still love to look.  Because hey, I'm thrifty enough.  And you know when you really really want something, and you save up to buy it?  And then you buy it, and you're happy for like 5 seconds and then you've already started saving up for the next thing?  That's just the way we humans are I guess.  Never fully satisfied with what we have!  But in this case, there's nothing that a piece of sandpaper and a can of paint can't fix.  And there are some pretty awesome finds right now on KSL that will do just perfectly.  Awe, and then there is the bedding, oh don't get me started!  I'm not the best seamstress in the whole world, but I sew.  And I'm feeling a sale coming on at Joanne's...  make the best of what we have yeah?!

Anyway.  Just thought I would share with you my crushes!!