It's a muffin tin people!

Hey kids.  How's the weekend so far?  My little buddy woke up with a boiling temperature and just wanted to cuddle while I rocked him.  He NEVER wants me to just rock him!  It was sad because he wasn't feeling well, but it's times like these that make everything worth it.

So I wanted to share with you something my mom started the other day.  It's called the muffin tin diet.  Ever heard of it?

In a nutshell, you stuff healthy snacks that you would eat into muffin tins.  And let me know if I get this wrong- but when you eat every two hours your insulin levels stay consistent.  And when your insulin levels are consistent your body's metabolism kicks in and you're able to maintain or loose weight that much easier.  Plus these are all healthy snacks and when your tummy is full you're less likely to snack on that frozen cookie dough in your freezer... or those fruit snacks that are supposed to be for your kids' lunch!  Anyway, my momma has loved it so far.

I am ALWAYS hungry!  And obviously I wouldn't do it to loose weight, but to just have those healthy snack ideas ready.  Ya know?  Eating healthy is so much about preparation.  It's not like I hate eating carrot sticks and celery.  Or even fresh fruit.  I love it!  I'm just too lazy to wash it and get it ready.  Because when I'm hungry- I'm hungry!

Let me know if you try it!

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Look what I made last night?  First cake- don't judge!  And all the girls in the class had spent hours making these beautiful roses and carnations and blah blah... ha ha I showed up with nothing but my cake, pieces of a bow we had made in the first class and some fondant!  Pretty good for no prep time and no idea!