Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald Engaged

We know Nikki Reed from the “Twilight” series.

We know Paul McDonald from American Idol.

Soon we will get to know them as husband and wife.

Just 6 months ago nobody knew who Paul McDonald was, but after his audition on American Idol that all changed.

The raspy voiced “Rod Stewart” sound-alike was eliminated midway through the season, but not before building a huge fan base.

When news broke midseason that Paul and Nikki were dating it took us by surprise as they had just recently met and both had busy schedules.

By the end of American Idol they were dating and appearing in public together, and just last night they attended the MTV Movie Awards together where she flashed a big fat engagement ring.

And today they announced they are engaged and have plans to get married.

Wow, things sure do move fast in Hollywood!

McDonald admits that he has never seen any of the Twilight flicks but now plans to watch them and see what they’re all about.

Nikki told E! News,

"He's the one. I love him and I don't care. I've never met anyone like him. I've never met anyone who has such a good solid heart and comes from such a good solid family and is just a genuine person. We have the exact same sense of humor. I've never laughed so much with anyone as I do with him."

Paul will hit the road later this month with the American Idol Summer Concert tour and Nikki is gearing up for the next “Twilight” Breaking Dawn release.

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