Stephen Colbert Chimes in on Anthony Weiner’s Bulging Weiner Twitter Problem

Stephen Colbert is not one to run from controversy.

Even though Stephen considers US Representative Anthony Weiner a good friend, he couldn’t help but chime in on his friend’s current swelling Twitter problem.

After Weiner told CNN, “I can’t say with certitude that this is not a picture of me”, Colbert decided he would start sending his own photo’s to Twitter.

All day Thursday, Colbert sent funny, bizarre, grotesque pictures from the plant and animal world that he could not say with certitude were not part of his body.

Each Tweet included the hash tag #ivebeenhacked.

I guess with a name like Anthony Weiner it goes with the territory, but after having the opportunity to just sweep this problem under the rug he had to open his mouth and say he could not be certain if the picture on Twitter was of him or not.

When will these politicians learn?

Anyway, here are some samples that Colbert Tweeted today questioning his very anatomy.


Remember, Stephen can not say with certitude that these are not pictures of his body.

Even though Colbert was at sea for almost a week racing to Bermuda, it appears the salty air has not influenced his bulging humor.

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