Video - Bill Maher and Jane Lynch Re-enact Anthony Weiner’s Facebook Posts – Hilarious!

One thing we like about cable TV is you can say things you can’t say on network television.

So, in the spirit of Weinergate, Bill Maher invited Glee’s Jane Lynch to re-enact Weiner’s Facebook message exchange with one of his Internet mistresses.

In what Maher calls a dramatic reading, complete with background chamber music, Maher and Lynch read Weiner’s messages he exchanged with Lisa, a Las Vegas Blackjack dealer.

It’s all here – comments about being hard, banging the future Mayor of New York City, Jewish girls giving head, c*ck sucking republicans, taking more photos, etc.

It’s really comedy and satire at its best.

Ah, only in America can you get busted for tweeting a picture of your junk, but make an audience scream by someone reading them your private email.

Hypocrisy at its best friends.

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