Video - Cee Lo Green Releases New "I Want You" Music Video

Our man Cee Lo Green is at it again!

After a runaway smash hit last year with his controversial “Forget You” single and video, he has just released his latest music video “I Want You”.

While admittedly not as up-tempo as “F**k You”, his new video is a refreshing return to good old fashioned soul music that quite frankly the music industry has been lacking.

Cee Lo filmed the video entirely in Las Vegas and there is definitely a Liberace feel and groove to it.

In fact, the rhinestone piano and candelabra used for the video shoot was provided by the Liberace estate and filmed entirely on the grounds of Ceasars Palace.

He even borrowed a few show girls from their Bally's Jubilee Extravaganza.
“I Want You” is available on Cee Lo’s “Lady Killer” album and also on iTunes.

Watch Cee Lo Green's "I Want You" Music Video

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