Video – Lady Gaga “Edge of Glory” Released – She Sounds More Like Madonna Everyday - Review

Her sales of “Born This Way” are down 80% over the last two weeks.

She is being compared to Madonna at every turn.

Her “over the top” persona seems to be getting old.

So what do you do to turn things around?

Release another video of course!

Today, Madonna Lady Gaga released her “Edge of Glory” video off her “Born this Way” album – and reviews are not good.

“It looks like she shot it on a Universal Studio back lot street scene. There is nothing new or exciting about this video and it looks and sounds like another Madonna rip-off.”

Indeed, other than her dancing around on a fake looking set billowing with stage fog there is nothing new here.

We’re not really sure what her message is except she thinks she looks sexy and acts like this is the best new song ever to grace the planet.

It really just falls flat and looks like every other video that artists are putting out these days.

“They crank them out like they are commodities – they all look the same and all sound the same. Her Judas video had 100 times more personality”

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True. And with album sales of “Born This Way” crashing down, some say Ms. Gaga’s days may be coming to an end if she can’t come up with something new and original.

“How does she top what she’s already done? The meat dress? The egg? The outfits? She may have rolled all those things out too fast and too early.”

InfoStar agrees. Do you?

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