Video – “Next 2 You” Featuring Chris Brown and Justin Bieber Released!

It is a far cry from “Baby” and “One Less Lonely Girl”.

In what can only be described as an apocalyptic end of the World kind of video, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber have just released their new video for “Next 2 You”.

Bieber took to his twitter account to say,

“It's here. #NEXT2YOU ...from singing @chrisbrown's WITH YOU in my apartment to this...#DREAMBIG. thanks. #epic"

And epic it is.

It starts with Bieber giving a young girl a gift when she is snatched away by her father who tells her she will never see him again.

Queue the burned out cars, destroyed buildings, fiery streets of death, thunder and lightning, and apocalyptic riot scenes as Brown and Bieber wade their way through a burned-out World searching for his lost love.

There is a lot of black and white footage and a lot of blood. The scenes cut together really fast so it’s hard to clearly see what is happening or any of the details.

And while the World is being destroyed, Bieber and Brown seem to be the only two that remain unstained by the blood and destruction.

But in the end, Bieber finds his girl and gives her a big fat kiss while Brown walks slowly off into the distance…

Epic indeed.

Watch Next 2 You with Chris Brown and Justin Bieber

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