Dani Shay Going to Hollywood Round on America’s Got Talent - Video

Congratulations to Dani Shay!

Dani is the 22-year-old Justin Bieber look-a-like that comes from Orlando Florida and impressed the AGT judges in Houston.

Last month Dani wowed the America’s Got Talent judges during auditions by joking about how she looks like Justin Bieber, and belting out her own rendition of his pop tune “Baby” – it was classic!

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But during last night’s callback auditions Dani almost blew it.

After starting her latest audition with an original song “Super Hero’s”, Piers warned her that singing original music was a terrible mistake and may cost her in the end.

Indeed it was a mistake.

After stumbling threw a few bars, Shay’s nerves got the best of her and she choked and had to stop the song, at one point looking like she was getting ready to pass out.

But the judges saw something they liked in the singer and they gave her another chance later in the show.

After sending her backstage, Dani quickly learned “Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne and got another chance in front of the judges.

And it paid off.

While the show only seemed to play a portion of her audition the bottom line results were positive and Dani Shay is going to Hollywood and will be part of the live shows!

And we have to agree about her decision to play an original song. We found her tune “Super Hero’s” on her YouTube channel and are glad she decided to go with a more recognizable song.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…….

Watch Dani Shay Sing Super Hero

But this whole issue does bring up a potential problem for Shay.

If Dani doesn’t know a lot of good cover songs she may have trouble going the distance and winning the grand prize.

Let’s hope she’s a fast learner.

InfoStar is rooting for you Dani!

And at least she takes the attention away from the feuding Howie and Piers.

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Seriously, do Howie Mandel and Piers Morgan really hate each other that much? Dial it back guys – it’s about the contestants, not you judges.

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