Justin Bieber Magazine Sales Bomb – Is His Star Fading?

I guess there comes a time when every good thing starts to fade away...

But is Justin Bieber’s popularity starting to slow?

If you look at his magazine sales over the last year you might think so.

Bieber’s Vanity Fair cover and accompanying article earlier this year was the worst selling monthly cover in over a decade of the magazines history. His edition only sold 246,000 copies according to AdWeek – 50 percent less than most issues.

Ok, so it didn’t sell well - after all, VF is a publication targeted to adult females and covers very mature topics. It’s not Teen Beat, Bop, or Tiger Beat.

One editor joked, ““Who knew 12-year-olds didn’t buy magazines?”

Watch Behind the Scenes At Vanity Fair with Justin Bieber

Unfortunately the problem doesn’t stop with Vanity Fair.

In fact, his October 2010 Teen Vogue cover only sold 121,054 issues, almost 12 percent below the magazine’s usual monthly sales volume.

To make matters worse, his April 2010 cover of People Magazine sold just 961,762 copies – twenty-five percent less than normal issues, and the third worst cover of 2010.

So what.

Just because an artist doesn’t sell magazines doesn’t mean he or she is starting to fade. Bieber has conquered almost every aspect of our existing culture and is worth an estimated $150 million dollars.

He must be doing something right.

With a new album coming out later this year, the recent launch of his “Someday” perfume, a multitude of awards, new tattoos, a 3D movie, and a recent music video with Chris Brown, the Bieb’s is showing that he is not going away quietly.

Video – Justin Bieber and producers talk about new album.

Time will tell – and later this month Justin will again appear on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, a historical hip musical publication.

Maybe he should stick to the music, perfume, and nail polish and leave the magazine covers to somebody else.

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