You guys.  I am seriously so excited for this ebook.  I have about... 25ish hairstyles finished and as I'm looking through it- IT'S AWESOME!  I'll be selling it for $4.99 so SAVE YOUR MONEY!!

Even if you know how to do all the styles- you need this book.  It has been seriously so nice to be able to just reference the 25 styles I've already printed out.  Keep it in your bathroom.  You should have seen me the other night.  I had to go to my own video to figure out how to do a style I hardly ever do.  I was so grateful I made those videos!  But to now have the step by step pictures just hangin' out in my bathroom?  

If you can't tell I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS EBOOK!  So get excited too because it will be a big huge awesome day when it comes out!!