Pinterest Loves #3

Alright.  For those of you who are new to my blog, each week I post my pinterest loves.  Never heard of pinterest?  It's just the most amazing site ever!  Go check it out!  My boards are here.  And last time a few of the links were missing... I am on it right now!  They will be fixed shortly.  Sorry about that!

Alright here we go!!

Egg carton flower lights.  Is that not the cheapest and cutest craft ever?  Pinned here

Christmas lights poking through a canvas.  Such a cute craft idea!!  Pinned here

I love this room.  The headboard- to die for!!!  I'm in love with the colors.  If it were my room, I would add a small blanket with a print on it at the edge of the bed.  Pinned here

Here is an absolute favorite.  This website is amazing.  It's called design-seeds and they have all these amazing color palette ideas.  Check it out!  Pinned here

I am in love with these.  The feathers are everywhere these days.  But I feel like these ones are unique in the fact that they aren't just those skinny ones.  So cute!  Pinned here

I really must have a girl.  Don't have $500 for a stupid headboard?  Me neither!  Pinned here

And an outfit of inspiration.  Is it not adorable?  Pinned here

I have pinned so many things but these were the ones that made the blog cut!  I hope you enjoy!  And my family is coming into town from California and Oklahoma for a few weeks... so if I don't get a chance to say- Happy Fourth of July!!!