The fourth of July

Holy crrrap it's been a busy week!  My sister and her cute cute family has come to visit from Oklahoma for the month.  That's right, the month!  While I looooooooove them being here I forget to do everyday things like ooohh the dishes, and the laundry and oh yeah blogging.  So sorry if you don't get too many posts from me for the next few weeks.  I'll try hard.  It's just only get to see her once a year!

So the fourth of July is sort of a big deal to the Prows family.

We start the day off with a 5K... I have no idea why because really, who ENJOY'S running?  NOT ME.  But I do it.  Every year to pacify the family!

You like the hair?!!  Got the idea from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar!  It will definitely be in my ebook.  Easy peasy!

Brian's on the left, then my brother Ryan, my brother-in-law John and my cute brother Billy

Here are all the gals

Billies cute little family.  They ALWAYS have stylin' hair.  I'll be raiding their pictures later this month to show you all the amazing hairstyles JaQuoy comes up with for her girls.

We then get breakfast and watch the Kaysville parade.  Cute Bosty!  He just wanted to play ball with the older boys behind us.

Modeling that same hairstyle only now it's a little jazzed up for night time!

Is this not the cutest family ever?!

We bought Boston a sword and cute little Halle, her face is priceless.  Boston's about to wack his other cousin Averie!

Boston LOOOOVED the fireworks!  He was all "oooos and aaaaah's".  So cute!

This is my sister Mel.  The one who lives in OK.

This is my brother Ryan's family.  He lives in California.  Just graduated from the Standford MBA program.  Yeah he's a smarty.

Her hair is chin length.  Yes chin length.  You asked for short hairstyles didn't you?!  It will be in my ebook!

The jazzed up... what should we call it?  Double braid?

And the waterfall on my sister Mel