Video – New “Journey” Rocks the Today Show – Talks About New Album

Anybody who grew up during the 1970’s and 1980’s remembers the original band Journey.

Who can forget "Don't Stop Believin”, “Lights”, “Open Arms”, “Wheel in the Sky”, “Any Way You Want It”, and "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin”?

And who could forget the unforgettable voice of Steve Perry?

Journey has been through a lot of transition since their inception when members from the original Santana left to create the new band.

Lead singer Steve Perry was hired in 1977 and became what most of us think about today when we think of the voice of Journey.

But today is a new day and Perry has left the group and been replaced by Pilipino lead singer Arnel Pineda.

Arnel is not the first replacement for Perry – but he is the latest.

We were excited when it was announced they would be performing on NBC’s “Today” Show - and if we close our eyes we can almost hear Perry – and remember the golden early days.

Watch the new “Journey” on the NBC Today Show

Okay, they aren’t bad – but it just doesn’t seem the same as it was in the old days.

But Journey has definitely left their mark on popular culture.

"Don't Stop Believin” was used on “The Sopranos”, and then adapted for the hit television show “Glee” and the “Family Guy”.

Watch Backstage with Journey Video on Today

The band's second album with Arnel Pineda, “Eclipse”, was released in May 2011 and debuted in the top ten on the Billboard 200 chart.

We give the new group a B+

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