Video - Piers Morgan Now Involved with Phone Hacking Scandal

I wish I could say “It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy” – but I’d be lying.

I really dislike Piers Morgan.

I didn’t like him, or even know who he was, when he appeared on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, and I have grown to despise him as the replacement for Larry King on CNN.

By the way, “Piers Morgan Tonight” on CNN is their WORST rated show in their entire lineup.

And after his childlike behavior on the Gong ShowAmerica’s Got Talent” I have decided there is no longer a place for Piers Morgan on American Television.

And now a British blogger has come forward saying that he has recorded proof that Morgan was involved in the “News of the Day” phone hacking scandal while he was editor.

And British Parliament member Louise Mensch has gone on record saying Pierce admitted in his book to phone hacking and has really stirred up a hornets nest against the Simon Cowell wannabe.

For his part, Piers has gone on the record that he did not condone any illegal phone hacking while editor, and simply described in his book how the hack worked.

That’s an important distinction.

Describing how a phone hack works and actually doing it are two different things.

But we don’t believe him.

And after watching him battle it out with British MP Louise Mensch live on CNN this afternoon we have decided we no longer want Morgan on television in our country, and think he needs to learn a lesson on how we treat women in our society.

We suspect that he is guilty.
We suspect he hacked people’s phones.
We suspect he is lying.
We suspect he will deny everything.
We think he is smug and cheeky.
We don’t like him.
We don’t like the way he treats women.
We don’t like any of his TV shows.
We hope the British Blogger nails him to the wall.
We wish Howie Mandel hauls off and decks him.
We hope Sharon Osbourne smacks him upside his head.
We hope and wish he just goes away.

Thank goodness we life in a country we’re we can voice our opinion in a free and open way without the fear of going to jail or being killed.

Is it just us? Or do others dislike Piers as much as we do?

Let us know where you stand on the issue.

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