I'm back!!!

*** I have answered all emails.  If I didn't respond to you, please write me again!  Sorry... I just had a million! ***

I am seriously so back it's not even funny.  An entire month of being away from home and off a schedule... AHHH!  NEVER AGAIN!  Ha, yeah right.  Every single July it's like this!

This last trip we went on was with Brian's family- the annual Smith family camping trip to the beautiful Beaver mountains.  We're not luxury campers either.  We sleep in a tent.  We don't shower.  We go to the bathroom on the forest floor.  We don't have electricity.  It's pretty much awesome- we're hard core like that!  Luckily for me, I don't wash my hair ever anyway- so it's not THAT big of a deal!

Here are some pictures we took, I'll post a smile box later!  I tried out the manual settings on my camera... not sure how fond I am of it.  My favorite looking pictures were on automatic... ha ha!

This is what he does ALL day long!

Day 2

He makes this face all the time!  When he wants to smell something, blow his nose, blow his "hot" food (yes, he blows his hot food with his nose ha ha) and when he wants to say any word with an M in it!!  Silly boy.  Sorry the picture's a little blurry!

Fell asleep on the four wheeler with his uncle Zeek.

We rode the four wheeler for hours and hours and when we'd get off he'd scream to get back on.  When we wouldn't take him he'd just crawl all over them trying to turn them on!  It was either a four wheeler ride, throwing rocks into the stream, or swingin' his bat!

I'll be back tomorrow with an awesome giveaway!!