Justin Bieber Announces 2011 South American Tour Dates

This kid just won’t stop.

After completing close to 150 concert shows on his first My World tour, Justin Bieber has just announced his South American tour schedule for later this year.

Right now, the teen sensation is in Los Angeles putting the finishing touches on his new album “Believe”.

Insiders say you can expect a healthy dose of new songs on this leg of his tour as Justin tries them out on his Latin American fans before springing them on the American stage.

Bieber’s South American fans have been screaming for over a year wondering when the “Baby” hit maker would visit their part of the word.

Bieber told his fans on twitter,

"I'll see you, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile, and all of you down there!"

Justin Bieber and his team have just announced the first round of his South American My World tour dates as follows.

  • September 30th – Monterrey - Mexico

  • October 1st and 2nd - Mexico City - Mexico

  • October 5th - Río de Janeiro - Brazil

  • October 8th - São Paulo - Brazil

  • October 10th - Porto Alegre - Brazil

  • October 12th and 13th - Buenos Aires - Argentina

  • October 15th – Santiago - Chile

  • October 17th - Lima - Peru

  • October 22nd - Bogota – Columbia

  • October 24th - Quito - Ecuador

  • October 25th - Caracas - Venezuela

Just a little trivia here – every live concert show that Bieber has performed has been a SOLD OUT concert with the exception of his show at the Qwest Center in Omaha Nebraska.

And it was a 97% sellout.

Most shows sell out within 60 minutes of tickets going on sale.

When asked what fans can expect from this leg og the tour Bieber says,

"I want to show that I love to perform. There are going to be some cool tricks, some electronic things that haven't been seen before, for sure. You can expect just to have a great time. It's somewhere that you can just have a blast. It's a place where hopefully you can relate to the songs and stuff. So hopefully you guys love it."

Okay, we’re looking forward to seeing him back on the road again and we’re sure his Southern fans are equally excited.

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