220 said it would be a girl.  73 people said a boy.  Looks like the underdogs loose this one!

We're having a baby girl!

A boy would have been easier, we've got all the clothes and toys for a boy!  But we know they come when they come for a reason and we are so super excited to meet her!  ... Now we've just got to figure out how to afford her... my taste is kind of expensive!

Love this headband. Found here:

And this one!  Found here:

Found at Baby Gap!

Hopefully she turns into this!  What a diva.  Pinned here:

hahaha Pinned here:

Aren't these adorable?  Found them here:

For some reason I really like this room... not that she'll be getting it!  She'll probably end up with Boston's baseball themed bumper pads and quilt!  Pinned here:

Pinned here:

That's all for now!  I'm sure I'll be sharing more with you in the future!  LOVES!