Video - Deep Fried Butter on a Stick Hits Iowa State Fair – Are you Serious?

Deep Fried Butter on a Stick
You’re kidding right? A fried butter log?

We all know that the Iowa State Fair is notorious for creating some of the worst possible foods known to mankind.

It’s almost like they are just tempting you to kill yourself.

But this year the creative purveyors of food delicacies have gone too far.

For just a few bucks, you can now buy a deep fried stick of butter mixed with a fat laden batter and deep fried.

All you have to do is take a stick of butter, cover it in cinnamon and honey and dip it in a hot grease fryer.


No – we’re not kidding.

Watch How to Make Deep Fried Butter Stick - Iowa State Fair

Now, we suspect if you have to ask how many calories are in a creation like this then “health” is not a word in your vocabulary.

Some experts say it is probably close to 2,500 calories and 300% of your daily recommended amount of fat.

Needless to say you will get an entire week of fat, cholesterol and other bad things if you chow down on one of these things.

Why not wash it down with a couple of beers?

Oh yea, don’t forget the Rolaids.

The Iowa State Fair runs through August 21st so hurry!

If you get there on opening night you can participate in one of the Fair’s oldest traditions – butter sculpting.

Each team receives one 55 pound block of butter and has 30 minutes to sculpt it into whatever they want. The winning sculptures will be displayed alongside the world famous Butter Cow in the Agriculture Building.

The losers? Well, they get their sculpture deep fried on a stick.

What do you think? Would YOU try one?

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