Video - Give 11-Year-Old Nick Smith His $50,000 for Making the Hockey Shot Heard Around the World!

Okay, we had to chime in on this one this morning.

Last Thursday, 11-year-old Nick Smith’s name was drawn in a raffle to participate in a hockey challenge worth $50,000.

All he had to do was make an 89 foot hockey shot and sink the puck into a three and a half inch cup.

And he did it!

But as it turns out, Nick was not the one that actually made the winning shot.

Nick Smith was outside the hockey rink when his name was called so his father substituted his identical twin brother Nate for the challenge.

11-Year-Old Nate Smith
They told the event organizer it was Nick, but later came clean and said it was really Nate who made the shot.

The organization then DECLINED to make the payout because it was not actually Nick at the stick.

There reason?

There might be insurance or legal problems since it was not really Nate.

Booooooo! Hiss!

Watch Nate Smiths $50,000 Winning Hockey Shot

We think the money should be paid out and that this was a cute and innocent harmless situation.

With $50,000, either of the children or their parents could hire a lawyer to “resolve” any issues that the organizers fear might arise.

See – this is why kids distrust grownups.

So let’s hear it fans! Chime in and root for Nate and Nick Smith to get their $50,000.

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