Video - Snake on Car Video Goes Viral

So you’re driving down the highway at 65 MPH and suddenly out of the corner of your eye you spy something moving.

A bird? A leaf? A bug?

No – how about a snake. A poisonous snake.

That’s what happened to the couple in the video below as they were out for a little weekend drive.

The husband spotted a poisonous water moccasin snake that had been asleep under the hood and was emerging to see what all the commotion was about.

It wrapped itself around the windshield wipers before moving over to the driver’s side mirror – hanging on for dear life the entire time.

Eventually, it fell off and became the problem of the car behind them.

The wife was in tears by the time it was all over.

The video has gone viral and originated on YouTube.

Watch “Snake on Car” YouTube Viral Video

By the way, water moccasins are a very venomous species of the pit viper snake found throughout the southeastern United States.

They mainly eat small fish, frogs, and little children and can grow up to six feet in length.

Bet you check your hood before getting in your car next time…

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