Cleaning Charts

Over the weekend Brian and I went a little nuts.  We scrubbed and cleaned for hours and hours because our home had gotten sooooooooooo dirty and cluttered.  I certainly love summer, but I seriously stop doing housework because we're always traveling!  And when our home is a disaster, my mind is chaotic and I am so impatient and grumpy!

I've made this little chart for our family, just to keep us on track!  It totally works for what our needs are.  I've made it possible for you to download it as a PDF file if you'd like!  Unfortunately I don't know how to give you an editable version to download so that you can customize it to your own family.  If you really really really want, shoot me an email and I'll send the document to you in an attachment.  Note: I use pages so if you're using Word the layout and font might be different.

I have put this job chart in a page protector next to a dry-erase marker on our fridge!  That way, I only need to print one!
Weekly Cleaning Chart

If my chart doesn't work for you and your family, hopefully these next few will!

This Chore Chart was found at Not So Idle Hands.  When my kids are a little bit older, I am so making these magnets.  Such a good idea and SOOOO fun!  I would have loved to help my mom make these when I was a little girl!

Also these chore sticks from How Does She?

I think these are super cute too!  I have found so many great websites and other ideas, but these ones were by far the easiest, cutest and most practical.  Some other great sites to check out:

And then a really great online job chart- My Job Chart

The scriptures tell us that the Spirit of the Lord cannot dwell in a place of confusion or uncleanliness.  If we make our homes cheerful, clean, and inviting, our loved ones will want to be there.  And as we live in harmony with the teachings of the Savior, the Spirit of the Lord will bring us peace and tranquillity.  One of my very most favorite articles is titled "Making Home a Holy Place" and can be found here.  It's definitely worth a read! 

So get your house in order.  Organize things.  Teach your children how to work.  And make your home a place your children and their friends will want to come!