Corioliss Curling Wand- Do you love it?!

Alright folks.  Misikko sent me this amazing curling wand to review.  Let's all say "Thank You Misikko".  Together now, "Thank You Misikko"!

When I got the wand I was a little skeptical because it was so small.  I was actually really nervous to even try it out because I envisioned these tiny little ringlet curls.  And no one likes ringlet curls, let's be honest.  But I have been pleasantly surprised.

You can tell the curls didn't fall out because look at the roots.  ...Well and you can see the curls ha ha!!  The roots though is where the curls start relaxing and by the end of the day, only the ends are still curled.

 Can you see those curls?  I think this is the best picture.  They are pretty.  And flow-y.  I think that's a word!

A few things about these pictures.  They were taken at the end of a long day.  I had hoped to get some pictures while the style was still fresh.  But no one was home.  So after a toddler yanking at my hair all day and taking an hour nap- the curls survived.  Which is just one of the reasons I would recommend this wand.   I'm not joking, these pictures were taken hours and hours after I had curled my hair.  With the straightener technique I'm so fond of, the curls fall out relatively quick.  Which is sometimes a good thing, if I'm going for that "natural wave" look.  A lot of times though it's just annoying.  The second reason why I love it is because it curls faster than the straightener method I use.  This "do" took me ten minutes.  To curl my entire head of hair.  Yes, ten minutes people.  And the third reason why I loved using the wand was because there was no secret wrist technique to learn or practice.  You simply wrap your hair around the wand.  Easy-Peasy.  So for those of you who haven't yet mastered that wrist technique (took me YEARS to get right), this wand is definitely for you.

  1. Curls stay put.  They don't relax and continue looking fresh all day
  2. Curls hair faster than using the straightener method
  3. No wrist technique, just wrap the hair around the wand and wala!
  4. The wand comes with an amazing heat glove- no more burns!
  1. There is no light on the wand that indicates whether or not the wand is on or off... kind of annoying but nothing I can't get used to

My goodness, BOSTON!  How'd you get there?  Sorry, he wanted to say hi.  And yes- that's my headband.  And yes he fell on cement... poor little face!

Okay where was I?  Oh yes, so is the wand worth $100?  I say it depends.  It depends on how good you are at curling your hair with what you already have.  Do you get the curls you want with your straightener or curling iron?  Do they stay in all day?  Does it take you forever to get the look you're wanting?

I really loved this wand, it was the first time I'd ever used a wand before!  I felt so awesome ha ha!  In the end, the product worked.  I loved the curls and they stayed in.  They didn't relax and by the end of the day my hair looked just as good as it did right after I curled it.  I felt very Taylor Swift-ish all day.  I swear she uses this wand!  The curls are gorgeous.  So yes, for me- it would be worth 100 bucks.

Check out some other Corioliss products, Curling Iron's and of course the Hana products that I love so much.  Misikko is a great site and every time I get something from them it's like Christmas!  They throw in tons of extra goodies- bath salts, mascara, styling spray, brushes, eye liner, and this time I even got a sleep mask.  It's just the best ever!