Here are just a few of my favorite Halloween ideas I've found this week.  I LOVE Halloween!  Brian told me I didn't have a budget this year for decor... ha ha it's because last year I spent like five years worth of a reasonable Halloween budget.  It was a little ridiculous.  So I don't blame him!

I found this cute little number on Etsy.  And it's sold.  LAME!  I'm thinking a DIY tutorial...  oh wait, I don't have my own front door.  DANG.  In a few years maybe!

I am in love with this idea from Dana.  Check out the bats here

Oh Halloween Tree!  Found at Less Cake More Frosting

Doesn't that look delish?  Found from A Merrier World

I love chocolate covered pretzels.  They are seriously my favorite thing.  Found at Cute As a Fox

Over at Room to Inspire, she made this awesome candy corn display.
Inexpensive and looks awesome!

I'm going to send you straight to House of Smith's.  Her Halloween decor is AWESOME!  Pick a few of her DIY projects and make something sweet!

Jen Johnson's Decor, absolutely love this!

Over at Country Living I found this awesome tree... made with pumpkins.  Awkward?  No.  Awesome!

I am completely in love with these Halloween Trees right now.  Maybe not this exact one... but something like it! This grouping needs like an orange table runner... or something...  And I'm not a fan of the random skull or the boo sign.  But I LOVE the tree!
Found over at the Martha Project 

More Halloween Decor/Food/Craft ideas to come next week!