Honeysuckle Canopies

Welcome to Honeysuckle Canopies! My name is Tara and I make car seat canopies that have crocheted edges and velcro straps to secure the canopy onto the carseat. 

Have you ever gone to the grocery store or public place and have your baby in the carseat or stroller and strangers just wander up and start touching and grabbing at your baby?!?!  I have the solution!!  Honeysuckle Canopies makes it possible for you to protect your baby from the elementspeeping eyes and prying hands of strangers, and create a darker environment for on-the-go naptimes!

I have premade canopies for you to choose from, I can also do custom orders!

Each canopy is made with:
  • Cotton print fabric
  • Hemstitched/Crocheted edge to give some unique flair
  • Hand-sewn velcro straps to keep it in place
  • Sewn on buttons to add just another personal touch
I sell them on Etsy for $32 + $3.50 shipping or if you don't have an Etsy account, I take payments through PayPal. 

It's me now, Abby.  Ha ha!  How do you even decide?!  There are so many cute car seat covers!  Head on over to Tara's blog, check out her site and fall in love with her canopies.  And she does custom orders.  Have you noticed how there are no cute BOY canopies?  Believe me, I looked everywhere when Boston was born.  This is perfect for those picky moms like me because you can now choose what you want and have Tara make you your own custom cover.  Totally awesome!