Jackie Evancho to Release a Line of Dolls and Toys This Fall

The journey to stardom has already started for young crossover phenomenon Jackie Evancho.

Like they say in Hollywood, “You’re not a true celebrity until somebody makes a doll or action figure of you.”

Now, Jackie can lay claim to that very title as it has been announced that she will be releasing a new product line of dolls, merchandise, and other toys later this year.

The first item that will appear in stores will be a special collector’s edition singing Holiday doll that will play a snippet of “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

The first doll will be positioned for release along with Evancho’s recently announced Christmas album due in December 2011.

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Next spring there will be more dolls and other product placements – all created by the toy company “The Bridge Direct”.

The official statement is,

This fall, The Bridge Direct will be launching a line of collectible dolls, play sets, and accessories based on singer Jackie Evancho, the “little girl with the big voice” who stunned crowds on the 2010 season of America’s Got Talent.”

The Bridge Direct is no stranger to youth toy marketing and has already developed toy brands for Sponge Bob Square Pants, Miley Cyrus’s “Hannah Montana”, The Lord of The Rings, Care Bears, Britney Spears, and Cabbage Patch Kids.

Hannah Montana
They have also created a successful line of action figures for pop singing sensation Justin Bieber that sing and talk, and come complete with various clothing items like watches, shoes, backpacks, and sunglasses.

And these toys and action figures are more than just dolls.

They come complete with a stage, microphone, music CD, various clothing selections, furniture, activity books, and musical instruments.

Most range from $12-$30 and the idea is the age old marketing tactic of “Collect them all!” with each action set sporting different clothing, furniture, gadgets, and musical selections.

Justin Bieber Figure
The Bridge specializes in not only talking and singing dolls but also stickers, wristbands, activity books, pins, patches, key chains, outdoor toys, party goods, costume jewelry, Christmas ornaments, play sets, microphones, dance items, karaoke, kids electronics, sunglasses, pillows, and clothing accessories.

Expect a large selection of merchandise for Jackie.

The Bridge has a knack for integrating various products along a brand – meaning they will launch an entire set of different toys, clothing, and personal items for a particular brand or artist.

Look for Jackie Evancho items to start rolling out later this year and timed to her Christmas album release.

And if Jackie can pull off a Grammy Award win this season then expect the pace of merchandise to accelerate.

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We just hope the world is smart enough to not get lost in Evancho’s “Brand”, and remember what attracted us to her in the first place – her music.

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