Justin Bieber Says “Christmas Album Is Done” – “Believe” Recording To Start Soon!

Beliebers will have one more thing to look forward to this Christmas besides a little time off from school – a new Christmas album from Justin Bieber.

Justin has spent the last several months working away in the studio not only with pre-work on his upcoming album “Believe”, but also completing a Christmas album, or Holiday album, or Kwanzaa album, or Festivus album, or whatever merry season time event you celebrate.

Ok! Magazine caught up with the World famous pop singer and asked him what it is like to be working on two albums at the same time and the relief of having one completed.

"It's crazy. I started a little bit on my actual album, but I've been really focusing on my Christmas album. We just got it finished so I'm like really excited about the final outcome. It was really incredible. I’m really just glad to be done with that and start with my album."

While Bieber sang “Some Day at Christmas” for President Obama a few years back, most of his fans may be scratching their heads wondering what a Justin Bieber Holiday album will sound like.

Maybe a hip hop version of Jingle Bells with Chris Brown? Perhaps a techno drum machine pop version of “Hark the Herald Angels” with Lady Gaga?

Relax. Bieber says he thinks there will be something for all his fans saying,

“There are a couple original songs, a couple classics, a few collaborations, but mostly originals.”

Hmm, we’re still a bit nervous.

But our insider says there will be collaborations with Boyz II Men, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and yes - Chris Brown.

And if there was ever any doubt if Bieber has the chops for a tender Christmas album just watch this video of the young star at 13-years-old, before he became famous, singing “Some Day at Christmas” back home in Stratford Ontario.

But the clock is ticking and insiders say the X-mas album will most likely be released in November around Thanksgiving, and “Believe” will be released first quarter of 2012.

That doesn’t leave a lot of time seeing as Bieber is due to kick of his South American tour in Mexico on September 30th and will be on the road through late October.

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And from what we hear almost every show is already sold out and his fans will not take "No" for an answer.

In fact, there are reports of fans freaking out and resorting to tears and temper tantrums when news leaked that several high profile venues sold out in less than 30 minutes while they were still standing in line!

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So Justin will return to the United States the first of November to start promotion and appearances for the Christmas Album, and spend December through February putting the finishing touches on “Believe”, and then announce his 2012 North American tour dates.

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