Lilla Rose and Norwex- be excited!

You guys should love me because this giveaway is awwesoooome (sung in an opera voice)!

Two winners will be drawn from this giveaway!!

One winner is going to win a LILLA ROSE flexi-clip and some you-pins!

 The Flexi Clip 

The flexi-clip is a very durable and comfortable clip that has replaced that dreaded plastic claw!  It's perfect for quick up-do's as well as creating elegant styles for going out.  The flexi-clip is comfortable to wear.  You wont get headaches from pulling hair or clips poking into your scalp! 

There are different Flexi-Clip sizes, so make sure you head on over to Sue Ellen's website and pick out the right one.  Go here for sizing!

The You-Pin

The you-pins are brand new to Lilla Rose!  A set will easily secure your hair into a bun or a twist!  I MUST try these!  Can you imagine, using two you-pins instead of 30 bobby pins?  I bet these would look GREAT in the wedding bun!

These hair accessories are perfect for moms on the go.  Thank you Sue Ellen for hosting this giveaway!  She's our great Lilla Rose sponsor!  If you have any questions about Lilla Rose contact Sue Ellen here


And another lucky lady will be winning the summer cleaning pack from 

Ever heard of the cleaning system Norwex?  You can now clean your home without using cancer causing chemicals!  You soak these amazing microfiber cloths in WATER and they remove 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces.  They are safe for your family, for the environment, they will save you time and money.

Shalee, my cute Norwex sponsor, is giving away the

Basic Cleaning Pack

Valued at $40, this pack comes with an Enviro cloth and a window cloth!

These cloths will clean 90% percent of your home with JUST WATER.  I'm dead serious.  So if you have little kidlets runnin' around... you need these safe and harmless cleaning cloths!

Other great products by Norwex:

Ultra Power Laundry Detergent: All natural laundry soap.  No fillers.  Hypoallergenic.  You can get up to 400 loads with this one bag- it's a total money saver!

Dish cloths: Bye-bye nasty kitchen scrubber- hello best friend!  This works better than any scrubber I've ever bought and when you're done scrubbing your dishes, stick it on the top rack of the dishwasher!

 Silver Care Toothbrush: Think of all that nasty bacteria that's flyin' around in your bathroom.  These toothbrushes were created to eliminate bacteria growth and build up.

Body Pack:  These anti-bac cloths will take off all your makeup (with just WATER) and you can use them for regular facial and body cleansing.  This is totally what I need!  Pregnancy always destroys my face!

 Mop System: No more bucket with dirty water and chemicals on the floor!  You just get the velcro mop pad wet with WATER and mop away.  The mop pad will pick up all the bacteria from your floors and leave your house looking and smelling clean! 

If you are interested at all, please go to Shalee's website here to learn more.  It's an amazing product and business opportunity.  If you have any questions about Norwex, contact Shalee here


To WIN: 
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