Motivation to exercise. EW!

Hey there!  Sorry I've been M.I.A the last few days.  Mostly I haven't had time, but I'm also running a little low on inspiration.  And motivation.  Which is what we will be chattin' about today!!

I'm a girl who has always exercised.

I'm a P90X graduate

I nearly completed Insanity

My husband and I were even training for a mini tri-athalon before I got pregnant.  During college Brian and I would wake up at 6 and go the gym every single morning.  Blah blah right?!

So this is my problem.  My family came to visit in July from out of state and they stayed the whole month.  During that time we didn't have time to exercise!  It was all play and no work!

Since then, I have not been able to force myself to work out to save my life.  Seriously.  I hate it!  I totally dread it.  I come up with excuses (really good ones too) and reasons why I don't have time or don't need to.

Being pregnant definitely makes things worse!  I'm so tired and lazy these days!  Plus it's not like if I start working out I'll loose weight.  Nope, I'll just keeping getting bigger and bigger!  Normally if I wanted to get in shape it was because I wanted loose a tiny bit of weight and that would motivate me to want to eat better and continue exercising!

So for those of you who are motivated to work out.  What is your secret?

I want to know how you choose to fit exercising into your busy lives and why it's so important to you!  Do some of you wake up extra early before your kids wake up to fit it in?  I wanna know secrets.  What do you do to make working out fun?  Do you jog because it's relaxing?  Do you like Zumba because it's fun?

No matter what happens tomorrow I will work out.  That's right.  I WILL work out!  ha ha!  Not even to loose weight.  Obviously, I'm pregnant.  But just to feel and be healthy, get those endorphins working again, get me some extra energy to get stuff done around the house!

Motivate me people.  K GO!

Oh yeah, tomorrow is going to be an AWESOME giveaway and Wednesday I'm posting some awesome hair pictures!  Get excited!