Photo - Justin Bieber Honored With Star at the Avon Theater in Stratford

There is nothing like being honored by the city you were born in.

And in Stratford Ontario that honor has been bestowed on their hometown boy Justin Bieber.

Millions of people have seen the video of Justin outside the Avon Theater in Stratford, and Bieber himself recalls making thousands of dollars playing on the steps for visitors in town for the world famous Shakespeare Festival.

Last week, the Mayor and City Council of Stratford unveiled a Hollywood type star outside the Avon to honor Bieber’s contributions.

Justin Bieber's Star in Stratford
Bieber on the steps of the Avon Theater 4 Years Ago

Bieber tweeted,

"Woke up today and got an email about this star in front of the place I used to busk in my hometown. DREAM BIG and thank you."

The star has Bieber's name and the words “Recording Artist” engraved and is set in the concrete just feet away from where the World famous teenager used to play for money.

Video of JB sitting on the steps of the Avon was also shown in his 3D movie “Never Say Never” and you can watch him going to town in the following video.

Stratford is a small town of less than 30,000 people and to have a celebrity like the Bieb’s is a huge deal for the city.

Congrats JB!

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