Tiffany Builds Cafe Shelves...

Yes, you read that right. A couple months back, I started feeling pretty handy and decided to tackle a small building project. So I figured I'd record my brave little feat for my vlog channel, TiffanyDtv.

It all began because I had been eyeing these cafe shelves from Ballard for quite some time. However, I wasn't mentally insane prepared enough to pay $99+ for each one. Lets be real, kids. Once I got three of those babies, plus shipping, my total would be at least $350. That is kind of terrifying.

Just for the sake of comparison...

My version (left)- less than $50 for all three vs. store bought (right)- $350+
I mean, the price says it all for me. Mine may not be perfect, but I get the extra bonus of getting the warm fuzzies when I look at them and know I made them.

So for less than $50 total (and with minimal handyman skillz), I built these
great looking shelves that, I have to say, look just like the Ballard version. I'm so proud of them.
Best part is they're totally customizable. You can make them as deep and long as you want and finish them with any color paint you like! I swear, it's super easy!

Check out my video tutorial below.