Video - Chaz Bono Finally Speaks About “DWTS” Controversy

Transgendered dancer Chaz Bono finally sounded off this morning in her his first public appearance since it was announced he would appear on “Dancing With The Stars this season”.

Since the announcement, several organizations have come forward denouncing the move saying it will confuse our children and harm our social moral fabric.

While others have even gone as far as to organize online petitions in an attempt to have would be viewers boycott the show.

Some are targeting the advertisers in an attempt to hit the network where it hurts the most – in the wallet.

And to make matters worse, infamous ding-bat lawyer Gloria Allred held a press conference this morning saying she was going to fight for each and every transgendered person who has ever felt discriminated against.

Oh brother…

Well, this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America Chaz finally spoke out about the matter.

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Cher – Chaz’s biological mother took to twitter last week in support of her son/daughter saying,

“I support him no matter what he wants to do. The vast majority of viewers will be happy to see Chaz on DWTS”

Since his transition, Chaz has written a book and announced he is engaged to be married to a woman he has been with for almost two years.

For his part, Chaz thinks that this DWTS issue is a much bigger deal to everybody else than it is to him saying he is glad he accepted the job at “Dancing With The Stars” and America needs this kind of wake up call.


It took too long for our country to finally accept gays and even today there is not total acceptance – most bullying is done under a shroud of somebody being gay – or somebody THINKING someone is gay.

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The decision by Chaz to appear on television as a man just might be what we need to show first-hand that people are people, have real lives and emotions, and real problems and afflictions – even if we don’t know them personally.

It kind of reeks of bias and sensationalism that people would make such a big deal out of this.

Riddle me this:

If nobody in the world knew who Chaz Bono was, and had never met him, seen him, or ever heard of him and he appeared on the show – nobody would care.

The only reason people care is because they know he is different now.

And it’s that being different that will get you every time.

Just ask anybody who has ever been bullied.

Our Advice:

If you think this is bad for the country and going to harm your children and cause you emotional distress, then don’t watch the show and move on – but don’t drag the rest of us into your personal insecurities.

Go get ‘em Chaz, we wish you the best of luck on the show and a great life as your new self.

What's YOUR advice? Please tell us below.

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