Video - Jackie Evancho Takes the Stage During Americas Got Talent Finale for Nessun Dorma

Last night NBC brought to a close season 6 of their hit talent competition show “America’s Got Talent”.

This year’s winner was jazz singer and Frank Sinatra sound-alike Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., who beat out PopLyfe, Team iLuminate, and the Silhouettes to take the season’s crown.

In addition to naming this year’s winner, the finale show also included a compilation of the top four acts and guest appearances from Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle, OneRepublic, and last summer’s “America’s Got Talent” cross-over opera sensation Jackie Evancho.

Ah Jackie…. She’s the real reason so many people tuned in.

We’re sure Landau will do just fine with his career – as will the other three runners up.

But we are biased here at InfoStar (snicker) and all we really cared about Wednesday night was watching our favorite little shining star Jackie Evancho!

Reading through all the reviews and public comments on her performance it is clear that not everyone was happy.

But we’re not here to judge – we are here to enjoy.

So for those of you who missed Jackie’s performance we present to you Jackie Evancho singing “Nessun Dorma”.

What can you say after watching that?

We love watching her giggle and jump up and down as she reacts to the crowds standing ovation.

When asked by Nick Cannon what she had been up to the last year it seemed to take her by surprise and she muttered,

“Um, well, I, um, I made a new CD called Dream With Me … and it’s out now, and I’m really excited about it, and I um …”

“You’ve done a lot,” Cannon exclaimed.

“Yes, I’ve done a lot,” she laughed.

So sweat. Such pure honesty – that’s why we love Jackie!

Here is a backstage interview with Jackie done after the show.

We are still rooting for Jackie for a Grammy nod this year and all reports are indicating album sales are still stable and consistent.

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Jackie’s current album “Dream with Me” has already gone gold and as long as sales stay as they are it should reach platinum status soon.

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You can also look forward to a new line of Jackie Evancho dolls and various other toys and gadgets to be released later this year.

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We’re not sure we like the whole toy and merchandise idea but realize it is a natural part of any new celebrity artist and will be an important revenue stream for Jackie and her family.

We love you Jackie and wish you the best in whatever you decide to do with your talents. Don’t let them change you or try and turn you into somebody you don’t want to be.

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