Video - “X Factor” Judges Kick Off New Season to Mixed Reviews and a Naked Man

X Factor Judegs
The highly anticipated “X Factor” show kicked off last night and our first impression was – it’s American Idol all over again.

By the end of the night our impression was – it’s American Idol all over again.

X Factor’s premier reunited long time judges Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, and added new judges LA Reid and Cheryl Cole. But halfway through the show Cole mysteriously disappears and was replaced by Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

It was a bit awkward to break for commercial only to return to a new judge without any explanation or discussion.

“X Factor” seems to fall prey to the same old routine of parading very bad talent across the stage so the judges can criticize them to show their industry savvy and insider business knowledge, and then showcase the occasional great talent that seems to come as a surprise to everyone.

But it doesn’t take savvy insider music prowess to know that most of the contestants were really bad.

What amazes us is how gullible we are as viewers.

During the opening segment we are shown the thousands upon thousands of contestants standing in the arena parking lot waiting for their big chance to become famous. And out of these thousands of people the best they could do is a 70-year-old man and his 83-year-old wife mumbling through some song sung only in retirement homes?

Old People Trying to Sing
Really? This is the best you could find out of that entire parking lot of wannabes? We don’t think so.

No – it’s a ruse. It makes for good television and they have duped us into wanting to see the good, bad, and the ugly to grab ratings.

And speaking of ugly, the most shocking event of the evening was from Geo Godly. Not only did Geo think he could sing, but he proceeded to drop his pants and strut around the stage naked letting America see all his naughty parts.

And in a dramatic flair, Paula Abdul gagged and turned flush and had to leave the stage because the incident made her sick.


How did this guy get past the plethora of judges and producers and allowed to get on the stage? They HAD to know he couldn’t sing. Shame on you X Factor.

Chris Rene
There were a couple of bright spots.

One was a 29-year-old Chris Rene who was full of tattoos and fresh off a 90 day rehab, and sober spell, after years of alcohol, pot, cocaine, and methamphetamine abuse. We are suspicious of Rene and wonder if he has what it takes to stay sober – 90 days is not a long time after a lifetime of abuse.

Young Marcus Canty wowed the crowd with his version of Stevie Wonder and actually seemed to have the swagger and style necessary to move on through the competition. He got a standing ovation from the judges and was actually fun to watch.

But one thing that confused us was the role of Steve Jones – the host. We kept seeing this guy backstage standing around with the contestants and wondered who he was. With all the focus on the X Factor judges we couldn’t figure out where this guy fit in.

Well, he is the host. And his duties seem to be to announce the beginning of the show and then stand around backstage for the rest of the show. Awkward.

So will X Factor work?

If you liked American Idol with Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul then you will probably like the show. But to us it’s a complete knock off of IDOL and we can take it or leave it.

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And if there are any more bad singers running around naked we’ll probably tune out until the final six are competing for the grand prize.

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