Adele CANCELLED: Singer Cancels U.S. Tour Due to Vocal Chord Hemorrhage

Adele Sick at Home

Bad news for Adele fans.

The singer has had to cancel her upcoming sold out U.S. concert tour due to a hemorrhage in her vocal chords.

This is yet another setback for the singer’s unfortunate and ongoing health conditions.

Adele was supposed to take the stage tonight (Friday October 7, 2011) in Atlantic City New Jersey.

She also had to cancel some of Her U.K. concerts last month because of a chest infection but later made up those dates.

Doctors say the stress of her constant performing has placed a stress on her voice and vocal chords and she is now being treated and subject to intense vocal rest.

If Adele does not adhere to the Doctors orders to rest her voice she stands to permanently damage her vocal chords and alter her voice.

The “Rolling in the Deep” singer took to her official web site to say,

“Singing is literally my life; it’s my hobby, my love, my freedom and now my job. I have absolutely no choice but to recuperate properly and fully, or I risk damaging my voice forever.

I will be back and I’m gonna smash the ball out the park once I’m touring again.  I apologize from the bottom of my heart, sincerely I do.

I know it’s not only disappointing because of the show, but it’s the plane tickets, hotel bookings, birthdays, anniversaries and time wasted.

But please have faith in me that this is the only thing I can do to make sure I can always sing and always make music for you to the best of my ability.”

Adele has been battling voice and health problems for almost a year and originally postponed her U.S. tour in June due to laryngitis.

Her U.S. tour was scheduled to take her through Atlantic City, Durham North Carolina, Nashville Tennessee, Asheville North Carolina, Orlando and Miami Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Spring Texas, Austin Texas.

All these shows have now ben cancelled.

The singer promised to keep her fans in the loop on everything that is happening with her and when she plans to start planning her return to the road.

But for now, the best thing is to rest her voice and let us continue to enjoy her already released music.

Get well soon Adele!

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