Giveaway Tuesday!

I love giveaway Tuesday!  TWO awesome shops are hosting today's giveaway which means there will be TWO winners!  Let me introduce you to the lovely ladies.

We've got Emily Marzley from Thirty-One who is offering an All-In-One Organizer, Organizing Utility Tote, OR the Mini Organizing Wallet and Michele Hughes, our Scentsy Wickless Candles rep who is offering any mid-size or premium mid-size warmer and scent of your choice!

Thirty-One sells a host of products designed to keep men and women organized and fashionable.  Their name comes from Proverbs 31 and their goal is to empower women.  So not only is it a great store with a great cause, but their product is AMAZING!

You'll die.  Thirty-One has THE cutest bags EVER.  These bags are awesome.  If you need to organize your bathroom products/tools, they have a bag for you.  If you need to organize your cleaning supplies or all that baby stuff, they have a bag for you.  There are diaper bags, travel bags, picnic bags, backpacks, expandable totes, cosmetic bags, holy crap the list goes on and on and on.

Go view the catalog here.  You'll die.  I'm just saying.

The winner will get to choose ONE of these three items!

The All-In-One Organizer

In any of these fabrics!

The Organizing Utility Tote

Mini Organizing Wallet

OR the Picnic Thermal Tote


CUTE huh?!  Sorry the pictures are a little bit small.  I'll try to get some better ones up in the next few days!  Check out the catalog here and fall in love with Thirty-One.

Most of you have heard of Scentsy.  Please tell me you have.  Their wonderful scents have blessed my mothers home for years and I'm super excited to say- now my basement!  Ha!  The warmers are gorgeous and the scents are DELISH and last forever.  Check out the mid-size and premium mid-size warmers!  Here are a few of my favs:

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1. "Like" Michelle's Scentsy Facebook Page and write on her wall- what warmer do you love?!
2. Sign up for Thirty-One's Newsletter by emailing Emily at
3. Leave a comment on my blog letting me know you completed steps 1 and 2.  

And be super excited about it people!