Honeysuckle Canopies

Remember Honeysuckle Canopies?  She's hosting our giveaway today!  YAAAAY!!  
I'm totally in love with canopies right now. 

The winner will receive one canopy with free shipping!

 I was telling Brian how we need to buy one.  He was all, "Babe.  We don't need one.  They're just for looks anyway".  That's when I nearly freaked out!!  I was like BABE.  They will help keep baby Blake out of the WIND, RAIN, and SNOW.  They'll HELP HER NAP while we're out of the house, keeping her car seat dark.  They'll keep those DIRTY STRANGER HANDS away from her face, and yes, they happen to be super cute too.

And then he was like "Wow.  You're pregnant"!  Haha- yeah, I totally told him huh?!

But seriously.  Look how cute Honeysuckle Canopies are?  She even does custom orders!

Must be a follower of My Yellow Sandbox to enter

1. "Like" Honeysuckle Canopies on Facebook
3.  Comment.  Tell me what ya fancy!

PS- she has tons of pictures on her blog and FB that aren't in her Etsy shop.  So check em all out!

Check out this post for more info on Honeysuckle Canopies